Dreams Eco Friendly Resort in Puerto Aventuras Mexico

Social Responsibility

Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa is committed to making the world a greener place. Our friendly staff work together to promote a socially responsible environment to our guests. To show our commitment, we are involved in various programs, practices and activities here at the resort. Read below to learn all about what we do to promote the protection of our Earth.

Exemplary Practices for Sustainable Tourism

In an effort to provide guests with top-notch goods and services, Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa makes it a point to work with eco-friendly suppliers.

Dreams Puerto Aventuras works very hard to ensure that the products and services are the best by verifying origin and biodegradability. In addition, they look into the proper disposal of product packaging and waste.

In addition, they also support their suppliers personally. One of these suppliers is the Maya Coba Honey Cooperative, the resorts' supplier of distinctive honey. The resort only agreed to work with Maya Coba if they agreed to send their children to the local community school. In exchange for their children's enrollment in the school, the resort employees provided the children with incentives to those who receive high GPA's and they also donate school supplies, toys and clothes.

Dreams Puerto Aventuras also purchases from local small and medium-sized enterprises. For instance, one of the suppliers they purchase from is a small group of women who make jam. This benefits the local community of Chumpon by reducing the need to migrate and improving the quality of life for over 100 people.

Amigos de Sian Ka’an

Part of this program that conserves bio-diversity, promotes socioeconomic development of communities and influences the environmental culture and policies.

Engaging Guests Participation

We encourage guests to help s in our efforts to make the world a greener place. Information about tips to chipping in is left in the guest rooms asking to conserve water and electricity. Turning off the lights when guests leave the room is an important small step to take. Guests are also encouraged to enjoy their drinks without straws to cut back on the plastic waste.

Green Thumb, Green Planet

There are several activities throughout the year with guests and staff garden and plant trees around the property. We adopted within the surrounding community a piece of land that will be used for the planting tree project that will allow guests to plant a tree and receive information as well as pictures in regards to their growing contribution.

Community Support

We help out the surrounding community by organizing a program to collect needed items for underprivileged residents in our region. The staff as well as hotel guests participate by donating of sheets, towels and other necessary items. The hotel staff has also created a program where we visit the disabled and have interactive activities with them. It is very rewarding and we are happy to help.

Environmentally Friendly

The everyday items that we use are gentle on Mother Nature including the detergents used within our laundry services. The hotel participates in collecting liquid waste such as used oils, which is then sent to a nearby factory and is reproduced as Biodiesel. Even the seaweed collected from the beach is donated to the community who use it to create compost.

Plant-A-Tree Project

We have adopted a parcel of land in the surrounding community that will be used specifically for the Plant a Tree Project. Guests are welcome to participate and will receive updates on the program as well as their tree.

  • Preservation of Plants and Wildlife in and around the resort.
  • Promotion and selling of products created by local artisans.
  • Recycling.
  • Programs and activities to promote ecological and environmental awareness.